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About Our New Insurance Plan

Driven to provide insurance solutions to customers, General Insurance has secured over #1.3 Crore+ customers. Right from offering comprehensive car insurance to a wide range of health insurance plans, we always take a Customer First Approach. Our offerings mainly include car insurance, two wheeler insurance, home insurance, travel insurance, health insurance and other commercial products. Backed by a super strong customer support team and seamless service driven claims operation, we ensure 360 degree customer happiness.

Notifying Clients
about Policy Changes

Notify clients about important changes to their policies. Schedule a text to send as soon as the changes are made, so there’s no gap in communication. Customers will appreciate the timeliness and promptness of your notification.

Frequently Asked Questions

India is moving towards digital banking services. The most popular Banking Network services like Swiping Machine (Hand Held POS Machine) is now reaching all over India

There are two types of car insurance: 'Third-Party Insurance' and 'Comprehensive Car Insurance'. Third-party insurance protects you against losses, which occur due to bodily injury or death to a third party or any damage to that person’s property. It is mandatory by law to have third-party insurance. Comprehensive car insurance, on the other hand, is purchased when you want to be compensated for any damages to you, your co-passengers and your vehicle in addition to third-party coverage. That means in case of an accident, theft, fire, explosion or natural disasters, your car will be insured under a comprehensive car insurance policy. Hence this is the most preferred plan.​

No Claim Bonus (NCB) is the discount in your car insurance premium enjoyed by you for not having made a claim in the previous year(s). This discount can be accumulated on a yearly basis starting from 20% at first claim free renewal, 25% in the second, 35% in the third, 45% in the fourth and 50%in the fifth and continued for subsequent claim free years.

If your motorcycle policy has expired, you can renew the policy by making payment online. Your Inspection ID will be generated and post satisfactory inspection and recommendation by surveyor your policy will be issued. Note this is only for Private Car & Two Wheeler and not for Third Party Liability Insurance

The policy remains more or less unaffected even if you move. You will, of course, need to change your contact details i.e. your new address and phone number

A pre-existing disease is any condition, ailment or injury or related condition(s), for which the insured person had signs or symptoms, and /or were diagnosed, and / or received medical advice / treatment within 36 months prior to 1st health insurance policy issued by Us under which the insured person was covered.

Yes, Policy is applicable for one-way travel also, including immigration travel with the condition that the maximum duration of coverage will be 60 days.

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